My name Is Michel, I am a full time student majoring in education, a full time wife to my airman, and a full time mother to our two fur babies for now! I am a southern girl at heart and proud of it. I enjoy just about any outdoor activities, and love basketball. Coffee is definitely my weakness, especially here in the North West. I adore my husband and our family. We miss them much but enjoy our life in the Air Force.

My Airman, a lovable, caring, sweet, car loving, hardheaded man! : ) but he is my world. He is a boom operator in the Air Force and so far he loves his job. When he isn’t working he is probably working on his car, or on the internet finding things for his car. He is crazy, but you just can’t ask for a better husband.

Highschool sweathearts, that stuck together trough it all and ended up falling head over heels for each other. Married on November 23, 2009 and loving our wild and crazy life as two southerners living in the Northwest!
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Friday, October 29, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In and more

First off I want to thank every one for their advice on my previous post. I have taken everyone's advice into consideration. I am thankful to have such a nice group of followers. You guys are the best! Now on to my MilSpouse Fill In

What’s the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?  
I cant really think of one that sticks out at the moment. I would have to say the time the hubby and I were at sea world in San Antonio Tx, the weekend of his graduation, a little girl came up to us as we were sitting on a bench and said, "Thank you for fighting for us" and then she walked away. It was so sweet and her parents didn't even tell her to do it. I about cried. : ) It made my hubs feel good to. 
If you are having a hard time going to sleep, what do you do to help yourself?
ugh, I hate when this happens because I do not know what to do to make me fall asleep. I get so aggravated. And it is mostly when the hubs is gone. So most of the time I take my body pillow and I snuggle with it and I have this huge teddy bear, that the hubs gave me, and I put it behind me so it makes it feel like the hubs is there. : ) 

Name something that makes you wish you were a kid again. 
well of course to be able to see my father again. Those are always the best memories. Just running around being daddy's little girl  that never gets in trouble.

What is something you never believed until you experienced it? 
I never thought that I would ever be a military spouse and here I am married the the most handsome boom operator in the Air Force. 

What can’t you say “no” to?
I can no to strawberries dipped in chocolate. MMMHH my biggest weakness. 

I love Milspouse days. : ) and the fact the it is Friday and I have no work on the weekends. YAYY! But today as been a fun day! We got to dress up for Halloween today at work and the kids were adorable. I dressed up as a cow girl just because it was easy and I had all the stuff for it. 

 Bad picture, but this is what I wore. HAHA. I really enjoyed the kids costumes more though. they were just so cute. Speaking of Halloween we still need to go buy candy to give out Sunday! I am really excited about it too. This is the first Halloween that the hubs and I will be handing candy out together. However I am sure that it will be more of me handing it out and him paying Xbox! Ugh. 

Oh and another thing. I absolutely hate it when  you know someone wants to talk about you, and you know they are waiting just for you to leave the room so they can begin and that person happens to be your friend.. That happened to me today and the person that was talking about me didn't even have anything to do with the situation. I am 99 percent sure I know what it is about and I personally think it is the stupidest thing to complain about. Wow Lately, well since I started this job, I feel like I am surrounded by High School Drama, and everyone is older here too. 

But I really hope that everyone has an amazing weekend and a great Halloween.. 


  1. i don't know about the MOST handsome boom, but definitely handsome :) haha

  2. Love your costume! I can't resist strawberries in chocolate either!

    I hate the drama that happens in work places. It's just not needed. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Ha ha kelsey! I knew I was going to get a comment from you about that.. Ha ha

  4. That picture of you in your costume is adorable! :) and you'll never escape drama which is sad. Just when I think I've escaped it, something else happens lol!

  5. AWW your costume was cuteee!! I love it! & I am enjoying Kelseys comment too haha! Just tell em to save the drama fo they mama!

  6. Cow girl, I see them over here when it's Rodeo time. =). Hey I have a award for you, check out my blog.

  7. Haha the cowgirl outfit is cute!! I think my favorite part of Halloween is seeing the little kiddies in their cute outfits. The little girl coming up to you guys at Sea World was so sweet!! I love moments like that.. especially coming from a child :)