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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Any Advice?

Alright this blog is getting a little personal, but I am curious if anybody has ever had this problem. I am just going to bluntly throw it out there.

I am not on any birth control, have not been for about a year now. When I was on it, it made me sick and did not settle well with me. Plus I hate pills, and I just think the Ring is a little disturbing, and I despise shots. So I just said the heck with it. I am not against having kids at all. The hubs and I both would love to have a little one running around one day. Needless to say right now is not the best timing. But back on topic. While I was on BC me cycle was regular. I had one every month. I got off of BC and the first two months were fine and then I went 6 months without one. I took many many pregnancy test all were negative but one. I then went to the doctor for them to tell me that I was not pregnant and they then began pounding me with question to try and figure out what was wrong. This was while we were leaving in Oklahoma. The doctor told me that she thinks that I have not had my period because I was depressed because I was so far from family and it was affecting my cylce. Okay
1. I am not depressed.
2. I am FINALLY, after 6 months, with my hubby again
3. I have been away from family for like 3 years anyways
4. Yes, I miss family but not that much to be depresses about it

Ugh sometimes I think some military doctors are SLOW!! So after she told me that it could be depression I just said the hell with it Ill just wait till we get to Washington to go to the doctors there. Well I ended up finally getting my period and forgot all about it until now! It has been like a month and a half without one. I really do not feel like going through all that crap at the doctors here! knowing my luck, I will just hear the same crap. I get really scared sometimes thinking about this. all the what if's begin to pop up in my head
What If.
I cant have kids
I have ovarian cancer
Something else is wrong with me..
ahhh!! so many things could be wrong. So this brings me to this. Do any of you lovely ladies have any advice at all. Should I just suck it up and go to the doctor? Thanks a milion


  1. I've had to be on BC since I was 16 to regulate. Having a 6 month long period is not fun, so that's why. I recently got off BC so my husband and I can try to have a baby and my body is all out of whack! Going off of BC is messing with my body horribly, so I'm not sure how my cycles will be. I would go to the doctor, but that's just me.

  2. I was on BC for 1 year and some months, when I was on BC my periods were really, really, really, normal. (before I got on BC my periods were not normal) As soon as a got off, my periods got crazy, I went from having a period every 5 weeks to missing one period, I thought I was pregnat and I wasn't, this month I was late 3 weeks. There have been times were I have a period for a whole month, it's crazy. I've never been to the Dr, I know I need to go but I refuse, I think I have hormonal imbalance. But I just suck it up. But you should go to the Dr, try to go to an outside Dr that takes Tricare. (Does that make sense)

  3. Go to the doctor and if they give you a lame answer then tell them you demand a referral to see a Gynocologist. A primary care doctor can not give you a good enough answer because it is not their specialty. I wouldn't let this go unseen-could be something serious and could be nothing but you def. find out what it is.

  4. i've been on the pill forever and JUST went on the ring. i felt like you, its sort of creepy and weird to think about having a ring up there, but honeslty after a week now i have felt no difference. the pill made be gain crazy amounts of weight.. and i am finally starting to lose it. speaking of weight- you can miss your period if you have lost a bunch or if you don't have enough fat in your body. also, stress is a HUGE factor in getting your period.

    that being said, i think its something you should for sure go to a specialist about because it seems a little bit odd to not be using any form of birth control for a year and not becoming preggers (especially at 21 when you're so young and fertile!)

    i wouldn't jump to conclusions about ovarian cancer and all that (my mom had ovarian cancer but still got her periods) and i wouldnt jump to conclusions in thinking you aren't able to have children!! so.. go to the doctor, find out whats going on, and then get on the ring with me because i dont want a little joe running around yet! we still have to be able to party when i visit :) haha

  5. Yeah, same as all these ladies. On the pill i was "normal" with regards to my cycle. But I couldn't stand the side effects so I switched to a non-hormone IUD. My periods are all whacked out just like they were before the pill. Lots of things can affect it though. Weight loss or gain, stress (not necessarily depression), eating habits, exercise... weather, anything.

    If it concerns you I would try and see a OBGYN. But you might want to hunt for a good one of those too. My first one told me that the symptoms I was experiencing (that i knew were because of the hormones in bc) were from depression and told me she'd never heard of those symptoms with bc. So i found another and she confirmed everything i already knew. The second I was off hormones all the symptoms went away. My period is all whacked, but my emotions are normal now. :)

  6. I haven't read any of the other comments, but when I stopped taking BC about a year ago, (I felt the same as you.. just really didn't like the stuff) my periods turned CRAZY. I would go months at a time without, have 2 periods in one month, have a 45 day cycle then a 20 day cylce then a 35 day cycle, anyways it was just crazy. I wouldn't tolerate letting them tell you that you are depressed if you know you aren't! That is just crazy and I really think they are just looking for something to pin it on so they don't have to spend more time figuring out the real cause. And I know how you feel worrying about all the possibilities of something being wrong.. I'm worried about my ovaries and stuff like that right now.. and the freaking doctors are so insensitive!! They always 'forget' to call me back and I have to stay on their case constantly just to find out lab results/etc.

    I don't have any awesome advice, just try your hardest not to let it stress you out and don't google it!! And get another Doctor if you want to! My PCM told me that I can always request another doctor if I don't like mine. It will probably be a lot of work and persistance, but maybe it will be worth it in the end! I'll be thinking of you!

  7. I would definitely ask to see a GYN. The primary care doctors only know so much about this type of thing, but a specialist will know so much more. Going off the pill creates a lot of hormonal changes in your body and it can take time to get regulated again. It took me over a year before things were at a more normal place. Hope you get it all figured out!

  8. Well, I started birthcontrol at 16 to regulate mine. I would have a period and skip several months. Back in June I stopped taking it because Lance and I were talking about having a little one as well. I skipped 3 months and finally had a period midway through this month. I thought I was preggo too but the doctors told me it was probably just my body getting used to not being on the birth control and told me if I hadn't had a period in another consecutive 6 months to make another appointment. So I'd recommend going to the doctor as well. :) Hope it all works out for you! I'd say give the Nuva Ring a shot before you decide you don't like it, it seems to be the most convenient. But only you know what is best for you :)

  9. I'm in the same boat and just wanted to say that there are doctors out there that will push for just have to find them. It's a pain in the ass going from one doctor to another but worth it when you find out if and what is wrong. I wouldn't give up on finding answers. I just switched doctor's because my old doctor wouldn't run tests but told me I wouldnt be able to have kids. Positive thoughts and determination is key or I would have given up too. And tell your doctor they are stupid.