My name Is Michel, I am a full time student majoring in education, a full time wife to my airman, and a full time mother to our two fur babies for now! I am a southern girl at heart and proud of it. I enjoy just about any outdoor activities, and love basketball. Coffee is definitely my weakness, especially here in the North West. I adore my husband and our family. We miss them much but enjoy our life in the Air Force.

My Airman, a lovable, caring, sweet, car loving, hardheaded man! : ) but he is my world. He is a boom operator in the Air Force and so far he loves his job. When he isn’t working he is probably working on his car, or on the internet finding things for his car. He is crazy, but you just can’t ask for a better husband.

Highschool sweathearts, that stuck together trough it all and ended up falling head over heels for each other. Married on November 23, 2009 and loving our wild and crazy life as two southerners living in the Northwest!
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wishing. .

Day 18 – What is something you wish you could change about yourself?

One thing I wish i could change about myself would definitely be how I always procrastinate things. I am horrible at it, and it puts so much stress on me. For example: I should so be doing school right now, I have a speech due tomorrow that I have not even started on! Also, I seem to love to put planning things out to the very last minute and doing everything at once. This causes me to go hay wire and end up having some kind of break down. Another Example: Last night when talking to the husband I was so fed up with many things and ended up complaining about school and how much I hate it and how i do not even want to see my grades for this semester. He then continued to calm me down telling me that after this semester I need to take a break because i am overloading myself with classes and a full time job. He can be sweet. <3 But i honestly don't need to take a break because I do not know if I will have the motivation to start back.

So after dwelling on the whole, my husband only being home for a few weeks thing, I am now over it and kinda excited now. HA I know total 360 since last night, but I have just recently found out that I am going to get to visit him for a week while he is out there. He is going to South America and all we have heard is about how it is like a tropical island out there. SO, the hubs made it clear to me that I am coming to visit, even after i complained about how much money it was going to coast. HAHA. I love him. So I plan on taking two weeks off work in June and spending 4 days in Georgia visiting my side of the family, because my sister leaves for basic soon after and we are having a get together for her. And she really wants to see me before she leaves. Then from there I will fly to see the man I love for a week and half. A spouse that lives next door to me recently went to visit her husband while he was here and she said it was amazing and that I definitely have to go because it is rare that they get to go out there.

Oh an one more thing, not trying to be an ass, but if you guys comment on my post please be positive. This is a place for me to talk about my life, and problems. Just like you do on your blogs. So keep the rudeness to a limit, or I may return the favor.

To end on a good note, It was beautiful here today! the sun was shinning and it was actually warn to where I could wear flip flops while taking Auzza for a walk. AMAZING! So maybe this is the start of a beautiful summer here in Washington.. .. .. I can hope right?

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  1. I know! I wore shorts today!!! And yes, procrastination would be a good thing to change. I'll work on it tomorrow ;)