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My Airman, a lovable, caring, sweet, car loving, hardheaded man! : ) but he is my world. He is a boom operator in the Air Force and so far he loves his job. When he isn’t working he is probably working on his car, or on the internet finding things for his car. He is crazy, but you just can’t ask for a better husband.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The unexpected happened.

To start off I am going to go ahead and say that this post might be all over the place. I have so much to talk about and to update you guys on. I have been extremely busy and you guys are about to see why.

To start off Monday as I was driving home from work the unexpected happened to me. About 2 months ago the wonderful Balfour Beaty installed a new stop sign in our neighborhood and I can say that the first couple of weeks I completely did not even notice that it was there and ran it a couple of times. However back on topic, I was driving from work to home Monday. Out of all the roads on base, this one road that is where this stop sign is located and right in front of Base housing Office, is horrible. Snow and ice cover this road. It is the only road on my route to work that is not plowed or salted!! (Which the extremely well organized military people we are just decided to salt the roads this past weekend after we have already had a blizzard and all. ) So I am going about 20 MPH which it is 30 so I am going 10 under. Me being a new driver to the snow and all, I am not to well educated on the whole driving thing. So there is two cars stopped at this stop sign. I am coming up behind them and I try to put on my breaks. Oh no! they decided they did not want to work and just locked up on me. I then begin to panic, i have never been in a accident that is my fault. I start to try and find a way to avoid hitting them because my car feels like it is just gaining speed instead of loosing any.. I wanted to just go into the other lane but a stupid car had turned into it and I did not want a head on collision. So I then realize my two options are to hit the car in front of me head on or go for the snow that has accumulated over time. So i go for the snow. I turn into it and hit it dead on and as I hit it the front end of my car stops but not my back. It catches the ice and slides right into the car in front of me.. Great huh?? i was so close to missing them. needless to say I was there four about a hour and half because we could not get a hold of Security forces and we had to pull my car out. The hubs was pissed at me by all means, and made me feel like an horrible driver. I then became pissed at him and it was just a bad time. So this brings me to this. My wonderful husband has now spent 1200 bucks on a beater truck. It is an 89 F150 four wheel drive and is in alright shape. An ex military guy is selling it to us. I just hate the fact that we are spending so much on shit something that will last like 2 years, when he knows I want an SUV.

my car : (

Enough on that, on to the next. Yesterday, was horrible. We had another small blizzard. The news said we got about 6 inches last night, but it snowed all day yesterday. literally. I was leaving work yesterday and I had to shovel my way out because that much snow had piled up around it. i go home from work and I could not even pull into the drive way. I started shoveling along with the hubs. Our neighbor who has been really sketchy since they moved in was out side shoveling his to. His daughter goes to my work and is in my homeroom so I see him everyday and he doesn't even say hey. Weird huh? But yesterday he decided to be nice and came over and started to help us shovel. I was so surprised. I then started casual conversation with him, and he asked if we drank wine. Um heck yeah I do. he said it was from Italy and had a sweet taste to it so I of course was not going to turn it down. So now he is on the top of my list as to who I like has neighbors. : )

And this brings me to today, Which was so bizarre. I get to work and there is so much snow. put not the snow we have been getting this snow was wet and thick and a pain in my ass! there was no way I was shoveling all that crap. So I bring out the snow blower. Which might I add is so big and prob weighs more than i do. I am pretty sure that it whooped my ass a couple of times. The first time I am blowing the snow, and the stupid blower gets stuck so i try to pull it backgrounds and as i do the damn handles come off!!!! I go flying backwards and pust my ass. I scream and then Tasha, a girl who works with me comes outside because she heard me. It was so funny but hurt like hell. the second time, is when i am almost done blowing and it runs out of stinken gas! I tried to just push it back but it was going no where. So i go get the gas can and start to put the gas in there, and as I do i burn the hell out of my hand. Luckily I had on my gloves so it did not do to much damage to my hand. But still it hurt like hell. So I am never using that darn thing unless It snows 12 inches. Okay maybe I will, but still I hate it!! To top it off as soon as i finish blowing we get a phone call telling us that schools are canceled for today so that means we have the kids all day.. what joy.. I will sum it up for you guys. lets just say it was a long day of whining, hitting, and pitching fits today. I am so glad to be home.

Also, I found out Monday that our picture that we took a week and a half ago are not going to be ready till Tuesday! I am sad that they are not done yet because my friends were done within a week. : ( But i understand that thanksgiving just came and I'm sure she had plans. I just need them to hurry so i can order our Christmas cards!!!

I will end this post in a good note though. Today is Game Day for my blue devils. They are playing number 6 Michigan St at Duke at 6:30. I am to excited!! GO DUKE

That is all I think I have to update you all on. I hope everyone had a great night.


  1. Yikes =( That's the one thing about snow.. the roads are always awful. Maybe you'll enjoy it more if you have a snowball fight or make some snow angels ;-) I'm just glad you weren't hurt in the little car accident. Better the car then you!

  2. I totally missed Spokane until I read this! But my husband was the snow shoveler! And I really like you, but well, I'm a State Fan!! I'll still read your blog though ;)

  3. hahahha i can just imagine joes face. and really? another car??? man.

  4. Sorry to hear about your accident! But you are not alone...I live in Spokane and there have been so many accidents with all of the snowstorms. The roads are terrible! Glad you are ok!

  5. Bummer! I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I love how it looks but I hate driving in it.

  6. Oh no.. I am so sorry about your car :( :(