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My Airman, a lovable, caring, sweet, car loving, hardheaded man! : ) but he is my world. He is a boom operator in the Air Force and so far he loves his job. When he isn’t working he is probably working on his car, or on the internet finding things for his car. He is crazy, but you just can’t ask for a better husband.

Highschool sweathearts, that stuck together trough it all and ended up falling head over heels for each other. Married on November 23, 2009 and loving our wild and crazy life as two southerners living in the Northwest!
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sit, Stay, Lay down!

Today has been a total lazy day for me. Joe called me this morning, finally at 6AM and woke me up. I gladly woke up to talk to him. We talked for about and hour and after that I went back to sleep and did not wake up till 11 because my friend text me to go to the gym. so beside going to the gym for two hours i have literally been sitting at home in my PJ's watching tv and playing with Auzza. My love for her just keeps growing. She is so steakin cute and learning so fast. I sat with her for forever today teaching here tricks. She knows how to sit, and lay down very well. She is slowly learning what stay means but once i begin to walk away farther she looses it. Also, when trying to teach roll over she just makes it on her side and sits there. HA it is funny, but she will make it eventually. For only being 4 months I think she is learning well. She has been very good about not using the bathroom in our house, but when visiting her friends she looses it and acts like she hasn't even been potty trained. It is kinda embarrassing. I have been a google queen at how to train your dog lately because I wont her to be obedient when Joe gets home and trained well.  The picture above was taken after we played fetch outside, she came in and brought all her toys on the couch and passed out. It was so cute. The only thing that is really annoying is that she eats the cats poop!! it is so gross. So I am constantly cleaning the liter box. Fluffy and Sparta have adjusted well and fast to her. It is surprising. Fluffy tries to play with Auzza, but Auzza plays to rough so fluff leaves her alone. It is funny. Sparta on the other hand just observes.

I did however make it out tonight. Some friend wanted to go to apple-bees so I tagged alone. I really wanted to get an dessert and it was so yummy. Also it was good to get out of the house I have been stuck in all day. Tomorrow I am heading to another boomer wife's house to play some kinnect and eat pizza so I am looking forward to that.

I also think that I am going to start adding to each of my post one thing that I wish I would have done differently today. So therefore, today I wish I would not have slept in so late.
even though sleeping is good for you, I feel like I did nothing all day. Which I did, so I wish I would have gotten out more on this beautiful day here is Washington.

If anyone has any good suggestions on training dogs I am free to read your ideas. until later this is all the rambling I have for you guys today.


  1. i love having lazy days though! :)

  2. Oh she's so cute! Good luck with training her.