My name Is Michel, I am a full time student majoring in education, a full time wife to my airman, and a full time mother to our two fur babies for now! I am a southern girl at heart and proud of it. I enjoy just about any outdoor activities, and love basketball. Coffee is definitely my weakness, especially here in the North West. I adore my husband and our family. We miss them much but enjoy our life in the Air Force.

My Airman, a lovable, caring, sweet, car loving, hardheaded man! : ) but he is my world. He is a boom operator in the Air Force and so far he loves his job. When he isn’t working he is probably working on his car, or on the internet finding things for his car. He is crazy, but you just can’t ask for a better husband.

Highschool sweathearts, that stuck together trough it all and ended up falling head over heels for each other. Married on November 23, 2009 and loving our wild and crazy life as two southerners living in the Northwest!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life throws you the unexpected.

I never in my life EVER thought the day would come that I would have to clean a 9 year old kids poop off the floor of my classroom at work. Well my lovely readers it happened to day! I was minding my own business playing with play dough with some kids, and all of a sudden I hear Mrs. Michel there is poop on the ground!! Sure enough I look over and there was poop smeared into the floor!! I almost freaked out. And of course all the kids start to scream and begin to go crazy. So I had to clean it up myself because the janitor was not there yet. So disgusting, but I guess that is what I get for working with kids. I don't know about you, but changing a diaper and cleaning poop off the floor is two different things. I can handle the diaper. You would also think that a 9 year old would go use the bathroom on his own.

Anyways, while I was on my lunch break I realized that I had a paper that was due today! I knew nothing about this paper and to tell you the truth I have never even glanced at it this semester. So I have been working on it since I have been off work and finally just finished. It is a good thing that I have written a similar paper my freshman year in college, because without that i would for sure still be typing away.

Also, today was not such a good day while talking to Joe. We both said a few mean things to each other, and now I am sure we regret them. I know I do. So I have spent the whole day down, because I didn't get to say sorry and wont get to till he calls me next.

Something good that happened today, I found out that my sister leaves June 5 for basic training!! I am so proud of her.

Something I wish I would have done different:
watch the kids better at work so I would not have to clean up poop.

At least Tuesday is now gone. 


  1. Oh.My.God.
    I cannot believe you had to clean up 9 NINE YEAR OLD'S poop! I would have had a serious chat with their parents, that's not sanitary!! lol. I'm sorry about the convo with Joe, I remember writing a post about the first argument I got into with Jesse when he was in Iraq and I remember how crappy I felt, but the next convo will make you feel EXTRA happy, I promise!!! :)

  2. wow, im sorry your day was crappy! {no pun intended, I promise!}

  3. What a craptastic day! Hope today is better for you.