My name Is Michel, I am a full time student majoring in education, a full time wife to my airman, and a full time mother to our two fur babies for now! I am a southern girl at heart and proud of it. I enjoy just about any outdoor activities, and love basketball. Coffee is definitely my weakness, especially here in the North West. I adore my husband and our family. We miss them much but enjoy our life in the Air Force.

My Airman, a lovable, caring, sweet, car loving, hardheaded man! : ) but he is my world. He is a boom operator in the Air Force and so far he loves his job. When he isn’t working he is probably working on his car, or on the internet finding things for his car. He is crazy, but you just can’t ask for a better husband.

Highschool sweathearts, that stuck together trough it all and ended up falling head over heels for each other. Married on November 23, 2009 and loving our wild and crazy life as two southerners living in the Northwest!
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A little of everything!

Now that I got my exciting news out and about, I can now update the past four days since I have been MIA! This past weekend was pretty much a epic fail, but ended good in a Saturday night! Friday and Saturday the Hubs had to go to work, so there for we went to bed early Friday night and then Saturday was pretty much boring, until he got home.

The plan was to go to the Valley Fest Saturday day with the hubs, but he had to work- so fail #1

So we decided to go with some friends that night, and we all loaded up and drove thirty minutes there, to find out it was over at 6 and not 10 like we thought- fail #2

Then we wanted food, so went to applebees to come to a conclusion after we put our name on the waiting list that we wanted to cook out at home - fail #3

We were then off to Wal-Mart to buy food to cook, to THEN change our minds again to go get Mcdonalds and just hang out by the fire and chill - fail #4

Needless to say it was just a long night and there were many more fails that I am sure I did not mention and that did happen later one. But all in all, it turned out to be a good night hanging with some crazy friends laughing my head off.
Here are some pictures I have collected over the time period, and I thought I would share! Enjoy..

Look at all that Whip Cream!!!

Our new couch! We love it

Added A little color!

The hubs

And of course my baby girl!


  1. I hate you for putting that awful awful picture on there. ha.

  2. Love your couch! I can't wait for us to get a new one...someday!

  3. Erin you look amazing!! : ) lol.

    and thanks rebekah.

  4. No, I look insanely fat, and like I just got done workig out with that outfit on. Gross.